Board of Commisioners

President Commissioner

Pulung Peranginangin

Born in Martelu, North Sumatera, April 11, 1952. Joined the Company in 2003 as Commissioner, prior to becoming President Commissioner in 2005 up to the present.

He also serves as President Commissioner in PT Laminatech Kreasi Sarana and PT Vinotindo Grahasarana, as well as Commissioner in PT Prasetya Gemamulia, PT Vivere Multi Kreasi and PT Pacific Paint.

He is also the Rector of Universitas Bandung Raya and Lecturer in Strategic Management study in a number of business and management schools such as Management Magister Program of the Faculty of Economics of Universitas Indonesia, STIE-IPMI International Business School, Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB), and Universitas Siswa Bangsa Internasional (USBI) or Sampoerna School of Business, in addition he is also serves as Board of Senate Tanri Abeng University (TAU).

He passed his Bachelor Degree in Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Industri in 1980, Management Magister in Prasetiya Mulya Business School in 1995, and Doctor (Dr) in Strategic Management in Postgraduate Program in Management Science of the Faculty of Economics of Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta.

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