Board of Commisioners

Independent Commissioner

Bambang Permantoro

Born in Bandung, West Java, 2 June 1951, and has been serving as the Company’s Commissioner since 2011.

Currently he also serves as President Director of PT. Deasprotama He is a retired Inspector General of Police with 34 years of experience in the Police Department and 5 years in PPATK (Center for Reporting and Analysis of Financial Transactions), who completed his formal education at the Military and Police of the International Narcotic Management Program, International Narcotic Management Program, DEA Washington DC in 1996.

Besides, he also attended International Police Management Course NT Police in Darwin, Australia, in 1997, Narcotic Key Leader Management in Bangkok in 1999, Anti-Money Laundering Management Course in Manila, Filipina, in 1999, Anti-Money Laudering Management Course ILEA in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2000, and Asia Pacific Drug Enforcement Conference di Tokyo, Jepang, in 2001.

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