Feb 2013 - Furniture Trend & Interior Design Media Gathering


The trends in the furniture design industry continue to change and evolve. VIVERE is committed to keeping ahead of the latest trends in order to share them with their customers. For 2013 VIVERE will be offering a new range of products offering attractive designs and colour schemes which were introduced to the media at a media gathering held at Kemang Village, Jakarta.

Irvan Noe'man, a well-known Indonesian designer, said that the trends for furniture and interior design for 2013 will be heavily influenced by modern day attitudes and lifestyles. “Back to nature” and “go green” will still be a key focal point for this year as the ‘green movement’ has become increasingly popular for the last couple of years. However, the green movement is expected to be combined with more luxurious designs and features. Therefore, the trends for this year have been divided into two categories; Eco-Luxury and Virtual Luxe.

Eco Luxury is defined by product design that is created using materials that are environmentally friendly, such as using water based solution finishing and products which are considered safe for the entire family; including pets. Although created using eco-materials, the products are still high quality and feature luxury design. To gain recognition as an ‘Eco Luxury’ product, the product needs to have received certifications from specific organizations such as Ecolabel Europe or the Forest Stewardship Council, while still being functional and artistic.

Virtual Luxe is a very unique type of product design. It is called ‘virtual’ because the products are based on dream imagery by taking a virtual image and then turning it into a real design. Every piece of furniture is crafted with careful consideration of its function, use of space, artistic nature and its quality. This Virtual Luxe range offers a wide selection of designs, colors and pricing options thereby fulfilling the needs of urban dwellers who live in a limited space but with unlimited possibilities.

Product design combining two different cultures will also become a big hit for 2013. A fusion between sophisticated European products and the distinctive Asian spirit will be a great combination resulting in high quality, functional products.

With these trends in mind, VIVERE offers a wide range of new products that will fulfill modern lifestyles. The Eco Luxury range by VIVERE can be seen in the new and improved Eco green Vassa collection. From the living room to the dining room to the bedroom, the Vassa Collection is characterized by simple, eclectic yet edgy designs which are a great addition to any home.

Changing lifestyles have altered the function of everyday spaces. The Kitchen has become a place not only to cook but also to spend time with friends and family. The Bathroom is now not only a functional place to get ready or clean up, but also a place to relax; a mini spa inside the home. VIVERE Kitchen and Vanity creates products that can cater to this idea with materials that are anti-molding and odor free. Natural veneer is used for the finishing so it is safe for people to be around for long periods of time. VIVERE will also be launching the VIVERE Vegni Kitchen and Wardrobe; a collaboration between VIVERE and Vegni Design Italy, a well-known and well-established company in Europe creating the finest, cross cultural and high quality kitchens and wardrobes.

New residences in big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta now offer more limited space, but people still require extensive storage to keep their belongings well-organized. VIVERE Wardrobe comes in three different sizes with plenty of storage options and a modular system which can be easily customized to customer needs.

For this year, VIVERE will also introduce Kodikas, a furniture line designed by Irvan Noe’man that has gained international recognition from The Good Design Awards Tokyo, Japan. Kodikas, meaning, “Cozy” in Finnish, is a furniture series that is specifically designed for outdoor areas or along the hallway of a house. Kodikas was also exhibited in the International Good Design Awards Exhibition in Tokyo.