Save the Planet with Earth Hour

Mar 2013 - VIVERE Kitchen Supporting Earth Hour Event at Central Park Mall


VIVERE Kitchen, in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organization and Ariston, proudly presents VIVERE EARTH HOUR Campaign, as a participation in the International Earth Hour programs who falls on March 23rd, 2013. This event is held at the same day in Tribeca, Central Park Mall, Jakarta with the slogan “What Will You Do to Save The Planet?”, which is intended to raise issue of saving energy, reducing carbon foorprint, and green living lifetsyle. A carbon footprint is an estimate of the total climate impact of an activity (amount of CO2e produced by a person or a product).

In this event, VIVERE Kitchen presents VIVERE Green Pop Up Kitchen, started with a cooking demo that promotes healthy living and energy saving habit using VIVERE Kitchen by Chef Budi Lee, the President of Indonesian Young Chef Club, and continue with the in-house food presentation and serving by VIVERE Team and professionals that are used to work in the environmental protection and health.

VIVERE invites people to participate as well in this program by creating Earth Hour campaign on Facebook and pledging to cook and serve during the switch-off hour event at Central Park if more than 1000 people pledged to cook at home to save the energy #IWILLIFYOUWILL #EarthHour2013

VIVERE also invites everyone to take part in saving the universe, starting from small things such as cooking at home to save energy and reduce transportation emission, and using VIVERE products, furnitures and kitchen, that are made of eco-friendly materials and finishings.


Here are some simple energy saving habits that can be easily implemented:

  • Having kitchen that is green by design. The 2013 trend for kitchen design is reflecting people’s preferences in cooking and eating at home. As a gathering place, the kitchen design is crucial, encouraging family to get involved in the cooking process and inspiring people to eat healthier. Good kitchen design is one in which the arrangement of the modules follows the green living standard and accommodates the energy efficient cooking.
  • Choosing energy efficient appliances. Switch to energy efficient home appliances and look for eco-green label logo as approximately 17% of your total energy bill comes from using major home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washers/dryers.
  • Cooking at home. Not only it is more fuel efficient and reduces waste, but also provide healthier lifestyle.

  • Using fresh local ingredients. Choosing local ingredients reduces carbon footprints emission and supports local community (farmers). Also, choosing green foods (vegetables & fruits) gives health benefit and reduces carbon emission in comparison to meat.

  • Recycling waste.Separate your domestic waste at home (paper | glass | plastic | organic | battery | electronic | metal) by putting each type of waste in separate wastebin.


VIVERE hopes that this event will give public the awareness of how important it is to save the planet for our future generations. It depends on the ability to empower individuals to inspire their friends, colleagues, neigbours, and even lawmakers to take environmentally sustainable actions starting from now. “Earth Hour now offers more ways for millions of people to encourage positive action for the environment” , as stated by Earth Hour CEO and Co-founder Andy Ridley. This event is open to public and will be attended by several media, actresses, Earth Hour community member, WWF World Council Representative, and Central Park Mall Management.