Ganesha Bank, A Modern–Traditional Derivative from Indonesia Spirit.
It has been for decades till nowadays that bank premises were suggested as plain, functional and – so called – “minimal”; making us feel bank is such a drabbed prosaic place to visit indeed.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that we live in modern era, where such lucrative lifestyle is amongst; but we also wanted to get away from this bank typology and to do away from the idea that bank premise is merely desk to deal with cash notes. It must be formal but yet, to have a modern “batik” type of feel is something new to explore. We wanted as One goes further, there’ll be many combination of colors and margins. Lands to be represented as soil color carpet or timber flooring as rooms located. Sometimes, green savannah; sometimes, slate as “rocky mountain” bed are spread around; whilst the corridor is the ocean wavy bluish patterned carpet color as the ‘bridge’.

Working with GGS surely is not the first time for us as of this one is considered as unique project involving many local Craftsmen, GGS and sf-Architects to indulge with many details. Hence, the GGS Team members although gave a frown at first questioning many style of objects, but they did ran to finish line. Some came later as the bank was due dated by OJK to open within particular approved date; GGS diligently finish at its own pace.

Sen Fei