The Japanese oil company, Donggi Senoro, built its new office in Sentral Senayan II, at the center of Jakarta. Collaborating with DPI as the design consultant and GGS as the fit-out contractor, the team put together an office that is built into a very minimalist Japanese urban space.

DPI was chosen to be our design consultant in collaboration with GGS, the trusted interior contractor in Jakarta. With approximately 1,600 sqm of space, the modern and elegant atmosphere was created by incorporating natural daylight into the working environment. Refreshing blue and white theme also played as the main essence in most of its office space, reflecting a clean and fresh environment for its visitors.

The design team DPI believed that working environment plays a big part in employee’s productivity. It encourages new inspirations, confidences, and enthusiasm while collaborating dynamically within the workplace.

Implementing the eco-friendly design material, we opt for laminates on the workstations and vinyl parquets on the floor finishes. Long lasting and flexible furniture elements are also chosen to accommodate changes and future growth as the company demands.

The result is a unique, neat and modern design, comfortable and classy at the same time, and perfectly suited to the Japanese culture of the company. Also, working with both teams was a smooth process. We know we had trusted the right team in creating Donggi into a better workplace.