PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia is part of Generali Group, a company founded in 1831 in Trieste, Italy. Generali Group is one of the largest life insurance company in Europe and has been a trusted, leading provider of insurance services.

Generali managed to become a major player in life-insurance and investment industry in Indonesia with clearly defined business strategy. Supported by more than 15,000 agents and oces throughout Indonesia, Generali focused on managing multi-distribution lines; long-term partnership with the Bank; and providing innovative solutions to all individual segments and group within the

Generali got to know GGS based on recommendation. From then GGS participated in the tender and won the process in terms of
quality and pricing. At that time, Generali Indonesia was planning to occupy three doors out of ve in the new building, the Generali Tower, which construction job was completed less than six months. To pursue the completion target, GGS team quickly provided all the needed support to meet Generali’s expectations.

Petrus Tatipatta
Director and Group Head
of Partnership Distributions Generali Insurance