Havas ( is a Multinational Marketing, Communication and Media agency. Our mission is to be the world’s best company at creating meaningful connections between people and brands using creativity, media and innovation. Our unique strategy brings together all different Havas companies together in one “Havas Village”, an Open office where many different experts work together to deliver integrated solutions to our clients. Our new office in Menara Sentraya is the “Havas Village” of Indonesia and worldwide there are now 50 Villages.

I joined Havas at the end of 2014 and one of my first objectives was to bring all Havas companies together under one roof. Finding one office and developing an office design that could work for all the different companies was a challenge: different cultures, budgets and expectations had to be aligned.

Because of the complex nature of the job, with all different parties involved, we decided to appoint a Project Manager who coordinated the bidding for the office interior. We had a very competitive pool of contenders with different backgrounds. GGS made a stable, experienced impression and seemed to understand our specific issues. Maybe our business of advertising is a bit comparable to the GGS business where we blend Creativity, Project Management & Calculations in one final product.

From a lot of help with the design ideas, the layout, the preparation of the premises to fixing the curtains, finishing the White Boards, GGS executed the whole project. We have a lot of items that are “Standard GGS” products, but also quite some Tailor Made furniture and layout solutions that were developed just for us.

Matt Wiggers
CEO Havas Worldwide