VIVERE for Education 

Support for the educational sector in Indonesia represents a high priority activities for VIVERE Group in terms of its CSR, as one of the many ways of fulfilling its responsibility as a good corporate citizen in Indonesia. The Company believes to be able to contribute effectively in the educational sector, seeing that there are still many obstacles to be faced in improving the overall quality of education in Indonesia, one of which is the expensive college/university tuitions.

VIVERE for Education Community

Celebrating the commemoration of its 30th Anniversary in December 2014, the Company launched VIVERE for Education Community, a community that will organize human resource development activities in the forms of seminars, training and workshops. The recipients of VIVERE for Education scholarship are expected to contribute and partake in this VIVERE for Education Community program. In the long term, the Company plans to establish “VIVERE for Education Foundation”, so that there will be more activities in human resources development to be held together as part of VIVERE Group’s devotion to the community, the nation, and the country. 

Employee Empowerment 

To ensure their effectiveness, our social and community development initiatives are designed in a clear concept as empowering, integrated, and sustainable programs that aim to empower the beneficiaries. One of the initiatives is the employee empowerment program that has been conducted since 1993. The program is targeted to empower our contracting workers by equipping them with educational and skill trainings in accordance with VIVERE’s standards. As a result, they are now able to become independent business partners of VIVERE Group. 

Social Programs 

  • Blood donation; 
  • Donation of sacrificial animal;
  • Apprenticeship system for students from formal and informal educational institutions;
  • Fast breaking and giving donations to orphaned children. 


Total fund allocated for the Company’s social program activities conducted in 2020 amounted to Rp 428,459,991,- 



In order to realize its responsibility to the environment, the Company strives to continuously enhance implementation of the following measures: 

  • The use of raw and supporting materials that are less formaldehyde and comply with NIOSH health standards and SNI.
    For example: The use of white glue instead of yellow glue, MDF or Class E1 PB, water based finished wood coating paint with EU Ecolabel 2011 for the Company’s furniture collections.

  • To control every step of production process to avoid over abundant waste that leads to ecient use of material resources.

  • To control the use of water by regulating the water discharge.

  • To comply with standards for exhaust gas emission, noise, dusts and waste from the production processes.


To sell products with eco-friendly certications.


Labor Practice and Occupational Health and Safety 

Labor Practice

The Company is fully aware of the importance of human resources (HR) in determining its success in achieving the vision and mission at present and in the future. Embarking from that point of view, the Company considers HR as valuable assets that should be maintained and developed to support its growth in the future. This is also aimed at realizing the Company’s social responsibility to employee as one of the stakeholders who can directly affect the Company’s sustainability.

 The Company’s social responsibility to employees is materialized, among others, in the following policies: 

  • Not to employ under age employees.

  • To implement gender equality in the recruitment and promotion of employees.

  • To pay wages in accordance with the applicable minimum regional wage (“UMR”) and benefits in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

  • To set working hours in accordance with the governing laws and regulations.

  • To conduct educational and skill trainings on regular basis for all levels of Company’s organization from the Board of Directors to the operational level employees to improve their competence.



The Company also provides facilities to employees in a variety of activities that would bring positive impacts on their physical and mental health, such as sports, religious activities, gatherings and other activities either routine or non-routine. 

Occupational Health and Safety 

Occupational health and safety aspects of employees are the main things the Company should pay attention to. The Company creates a safe and comfortable workplace that supports a positive atmosphere for the occupational health and safety of employees in order to improve their performance. 

Therefore, the Company has applied a number of policies concerning occupational health and safety, among others: 

  • To ensure working environment that are comfortable, safe and healthy by monitoring the intensity of lighting, temperature and chemical vapor in production processes, noise, dust, etc. The results of such monitoring are used as references for corrective actions.
  • To ensure that the working and supporting tools used by employees meet the standards of comfort, safety and health, among others, by using working tools in accordance with SNI standards; gradually replacing computer monitor tubes (CRT) to LCD.
  • To provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for employees and to ensure that employees use it by conducting field observations of which the results are reported in SHE OC (SHE Observation Card). 

Product and Service Liabilities 

  • Commitment to Quality In line with its mission to become a world-class company, VIVERE Group is committed to delivering products and services of consistently assured quality according to the established specifications. This commitment has been materialized by enhancing a strict supervision to assure the consistency of products and service quality at all process stages, which have been standardized according to ISO 45001 Quality Management System. 
  • Customer Services Center 
  • To implement the company’s values, particularly Customer Focus, the Company provides warranty period for products sold and maintenance period for services incurred. Exclusive for retail customers, VIVERE provides customer service center with the contact email of: