Covid-19 Protocol at VIVERE Group

Studies   |   10 October 2022

Covid-19 Protocol at VIVERE Group

Although office activities have started as before, the Covid-19 pandemic is still not over. By implementing complete health protocols in the office environment, it would be safe to use for daily activities. There is a free COVID-19 test service for all employees, so that it can help detect the presence of the virus immediately.


In addition, we always check the body temperature of employees and visitors before entering the building, to prevent the virus from spreading more. We also strive for cleanliness and always carry out disinfection in every corner of the office.


The company has also carried out socialization to all employees regarding health protocols that must be carried out every day, always maintaining cleanliness and practicing healthy lifestyles. With this protocol, activities in the office can be carried out safely and comfortably. 


Moreover, many people are already doing their activities as usual, so we still have to maintain cleanliness to be free from Covid19 viruses. By implementing the health protocol, we carry out activities as usual and support the Government in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, especially in the office environment.