Office Feels Like Home? This is what you should do!

Studies   |   16 November 2022

Office Feels Like Home? This is what you should do!

Have you ever imagined having an office space that feels like home? With the many benefits provided by an office with a home concept, currently many offices applying the home concept to their office. They also started to create a living room concept to fit in. For example, we can see how a sofa that was once dominated by black color only, now starting to change into a sofa with various shapes and colors. They started using velvet sofas instead of leather sofas.

It should be noted that if you apply a home theme, usually the office will use earth tone colored paints. The color selection is usually taken with colors that are found in the earth such as wood color, soil color, stone color, and also the color of the sea. Choosing the right color will create a relaxed but minimalist impression which will make the office atmosphere feels more warmer. In addition, this color selection makes our eyes spoiled with various kinds of color combinations that catch the eye.

Some of the benefits of implementing the home concept in the office can be started by adding some flowers and other decorations on the table and also in the corner of the room if workers start to feel burn out. But with the help by placing bean bags, sofa chairs, play corners, and so on -other also can help the office to look more homey. The addition of furniture such as leaves and synthetic plants will add a homey feel to the office. Of course, you have also seen an office with lots of ornamental plants. These ornamental plants function as a refresher in the office if there are too many corners that are not pleasing to the eye.

Another benefit that can be taken from an office home concept is that maintaining office facilities is not difficult because a lot of home furniture is currently being sold freely through e-commerce, which you can get it easily. If you use home furniture there are lots of options to offer instead of using office furniture which is hard to found and you have to make an order in advance. With home furniture, of course, many workers already know how to operate it because they are used to using it in their homes. Seeing from the description above, many offices have started implementing the home concept, and it has started to become a trend because it was widely used during a pandemic. In this way, in addition to the aesthetic function, applying the concept of a home in the office also has other benefits that are no less numerous. So are you gonna applying this concept to your office?