Warm Tone Pantry Enhances The Comfort of Office

Studies   |   09 February 2023

Warm Tone Pantry Enhances The Comfort of Office

The pantry in the office is not only used by employees to warm their food or get drinks, but is also used by employees to relax and gather for a while with other employees to make small talk. When employees are tired of their work, they usually go to the pantry for a moment to rest their minds.

Did you know that color can affect mood? As the name suggests, warm tones are colors that have warm undertones. Brown, yellow, orange and combinations of these colors are included in the warm tone group. This color group of warm tones can influence individual behavior, such as stimulating activities and being more productive. These colors can also increase heart rate and blood pressure. Warm tones give off a happy, upbeat, and friendly impression. It's not wrong if this color group is often used in office colors because it’s suitable for employees who need to recharge their energy.

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